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Noyo Fishing History Project

February 21, 2012

Late last year I was walking down the back hallway of the Fort Bragg Company Store when I came upon a huge display of historical logging and fishing photographs hung on the walls. Our daughter and son-in-law have businesses in this building so they knew the building manager. I made some inquires and discovered that the photographs belonged to building owner David Figueiredo and his family. I called David and discussed beginning a project that preserved and shared these old photos. I explained to him my purpose of informing the public and exploring the roots of the history of the Noyo fishing fleet. He enthusiastically approved of the project and gave me permission of remove, scan, and retouch the photos on the wall. Over the period of one month I worked in Photoshop on the images presented here (click on the Community Resources link above or go to http://daylightducks.com/index.php?page=community). Our son, AJ, ultimate webmaster, posted the images on the Daylightducks website on February 20, 2012. The photos represent a tiny fraction of the images of fish and fishing during in the halcyon years of salmon, rock, and longline fishing out of harbors on the north coast. Due to the advancing ages of the people involved, the oral history of this era is rapidly vanishing. It is my hope that more information and images from this time can emerge from further research. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these few memories of the time when fish were huge and the fishermen braved the waters in boats far less electronically equipped than the vessels chasing their quarries today.

Alaska Adventure

August 4th 2011

Recently home from a trip to Alaska and British Columbia delivering a 60 foot Flemming powerboat to its home outside Seattle. Had a wonderful wilderness experience aboard a beautiful motor vessel. Always a thrill seeing new places.

Snow Covering and Spring Coming

April 5th 2011

Snow is covering the high county right now. Soon the thaw will open up all the little rivulets that feed the main Middle Fork. Fish in record numbers are swimming upstream. The spring bloom will burst upon the scene in a few weeks. Time to get those boots on and go hiking. What are you doing this summer? Want to swim with wild summer steelhead in one of the wildest places in the United States? What are we waiting for?


wrights valley

The old man saw that he judged well the endurance and interest of Little Boy. He closed the history with the proper and traditional ending. "From the east and from the west, may the Daylight Ducks come quickly and bring the daylight soon."

Little Boy was almost asleep, but the ending had interested him. In a sleepy voice he asked, "What are the Daylight Ducks, Grandfather? And why do you always end the same way?"

"This is our way of ending. It makes the daylight come quickly. Daylight Ducks are bright shiny white ducks whose every move produces a little light. Then, as the dawn creeps over the hills to the East, they vanish. Very few people have ever seen them. They come only at certain seasons."

The old man stretched and yawned. "Now it is late." Then he turned to the youngster. "Come, it's time to sleep."

From Deep Valley: A History of the Pomo of the Ukiah Area by B.W. & E.G. Aginsky
© 1967 Stein and Day, Publishers, New York